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The Eaton Fund has granted £25,000 to Cavell Nurses’ Trust in aid of their work supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.



Any nurses, midwives or healthcare assistants, working or retired in the UK, looking for emotional and financial support can make an application to Cavell Nurses’ Trust online at or call 01527 595 999.



The funds given to Cavell will support nursing and midwifery staff who are facing personal or financial hardship, often because of illness, disability, domestic abuse and the impact of rapidly rising living costs.


Lewis Allett, Support Director at Cavell Nurses’ Trust reacts to the funding news,

“The team at Cavell is delighted to receive this generous grant from the Eaton Fund and we’ll be putting it to good use immediately. We’ve seen a huge increase in people seeking help from Cavell Nurses’ Trust over the winter and this shows no sign of slowing down this Spring.


“Living costs are rising rapidly at the moment and many from our incredible nursing and midwifery workforce, who give so much of themselves on every shift, every day, every week, are facing difficulties just paying for basic items like food, energy costs and getting to work.


“This funding will make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Stephen Kane, Chair of the Eaton Fund, explained the importance of the partnership,


“At the Eaton Fund we put our beneficiaries’ interests at the heart of all our decisions. We share Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s commitment to the welfare of nurses, midwives, and healthcare assistants, and intend to continue to augment Cavell’s support for these groups of healthcare professionals through regular grants to the charity.


“We welcome our partnership with Cavell Nurses’ Trust because we believe that our grants will enhance the aid provided to our beneficiaries.   We value the care that nursing teams provide to people across the UK every day, and we should like to support them in the best way we can when they are in need.”