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How we help nurses

The Eaton Fund can help nurses, male and female, working in all healthcare fields. Our grants support nurses and retired nurses facing financial hardship. Applicants must be living in the UK.

We make one-off grants to support nurses with specific items such as white goods, carpets and essential furniture.

Former nurses with disabilities may apply for aids to support their quality of life.

Details of our grant application process and application form are here. If you make an application you must include a letter from a referee who understands your situation. Applications for disability aids must be backed up by an assessment from a qualified professional to ensure that the item meets your needs.

Please see our eligibility page for further information.

Examples of recent grants include:

  • A pregnant midwife was rehoused at short notice, having fled violent partner. We gave a grant of £270 to help buy a bed.
  • A nurse who is a single parent, was unable to work because of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. We awarded £180 to replace her fridge freezer.
  • A retired nurse in hardship moved into social housing to reduce her rent.  We gave her £240 to buy a new cooker.
  • A nurse was signed off  work while  recovering from surgery.  We gave £270 to help her with a mattress and a bedroom heater.
  • A nurse was severely injured in a car accident and is now unable to work and confined to ground floor bedroom.  We awarded £200 to buy essential furniture for her new bedroom.