For Artists, Nurses and Gentlewomen


How we help artists


The Eaton Fund can provide grants to help male or female artists and art students.


The Trustees have made grants to fund art materials, items of equipment and exhibition costs, such as framing.


Grants are restricted to artists and students working in the visual arts fields, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, print-making, photograpy, and video installations. We do not give grants for the performing arts.

Applicants should note that we can only make grants to artists or art students who live or study in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


Details of our grant application process and application form are here. Please note, you must also send a letter from a referee who knows your work (typically a tutor, a curator or gallery official), and a list (with prices) of the art materials or equipment you intend to buy.


Please see our eligibility page for further information. 


Examples of recent grants:


  • An artist making a short film exploring borders and barriers was given £120 to buy components to make her film.
  • An artist making a new body of work for a solo exhibition in Dusseldorf was awarded £350 to buy frames.
  • An artist with limited mobility creating cast metal sculptures was given £350 to buy safety equipment for foundry work.
  • An artist, diagnosed with visual impairment called hemianopia following a brain injury, was awarded £300 for painting materials to create works that help others understand the condition.
  • An artist creating work during a residency at the Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative  Care, Kings College, London was awarded £400 to make a neon sculpture.