For Artists, Nurses and Gentlewomen


Eaton Fund Trustees and Managers

In recent years, the fund has been able to give to hundreds of needy individuals within our remit of artists, nurses and women each year. These have been mostly women, but male nurses and artists have also benefited. Proportionately, we tend to give more to nurses and women than to artists.

Some of the beneficiaries are in extreme hardship, owing to changes in life circumstances. Sudden or chronic illness, accidents, withdrawal of family support or the death of a partner are just a few examples of the backgrounds of the people we help.

We like to hear from social work agencies who are also trying to help people. They can give us a clear explanation of their clients' situations. They can also focus on their immediate needs and specify the items that need to be purchased in order to improve their quality of life.

Letter thanking the Eaton Fund"I cannot put into words how much of a difference these new items have made to my quality of life and given me back some dignity and hope" (A young woman who was awarded a grant for a bed and washing machine)

Rehabilitation and setting up a new home are a common situations. Our applicants usually live on a very tight budget and have no savings with which to purchase carpets, a cooker, refrigerator, or washing machine, for example. Sometimes beds, bedding and clothing are needed for children. We have made contributions to short holidays for patients and carers.

Eaton Dolls

When more expensive items are needed, e.g. computers, electric wheelchairs, major home repairs, we are often able to contribute jointly with other charities to make up the sum required.

Artists' needs are usually different. They frequently ask for funding to buy materials and equipment, without which they cannot continue their creative work. Grants to pay for picture framing can enable an artist to display his or her work in an exhibition, thus moving them on in their career.